Set your holiday table with an Eden Pure Beef roast this year!


100% Grass Fed


Our cattle are 100% lifetime grass-fed. They are never fed grain. Ever. Our cattle browse a range of native grasses and herbs that provide them with a wide variety of nutrients. Their water comes from the many springs on our farm.  We keep our pastures lush and diverse with no-till planting of native species that thrive on our land, providing nutrition to our cattle and food and shelter to local wildlife. 

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No Pharma

We do not believe in medicating animals who are well. We administer no vaccines, antibiotics, or routine wormers to our Eden Pure cattle. This does not mean that we don't treat animals who need medical care. We treat animals who need it, but they are then removed from our herd. Only the healthiest animals remain in our herd to perpetuate hardiness and disease resistance in future generations.
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No Chem

In addition to raising our cattle without the use of chemicals  we also grow our pastures with the same philosophy. Our pastures are never sprayed, never treated with chemicals. We use no-til planting to add hardy native species with minimal disturbance to the grasses and herbs already growing on our land.

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