Beef Pho (Instant Pot)

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Beef Pho (Instant Pot)
The traditional recipe calls for brisket, but you can substitute chuck roast as it also has a rich, beefy flavor and is well marbled. While soup is often thought of as comfort food on cold days, I find that pho, with its blend of clear broth and fresh herbs and aromatics is also well suited for summer meals! Layer in as much of each of the veggies and herbs as you like, and get creative making your own fusion recipe featuring thin slices or shreds of your favorite in-season veggies and herbs! Traditional pho includes thinly sliced sirloin that is gently cooked by the hot broth being poured into the bowl. If that's a little too adventurous for your tastebuds, either sear and then slice your sirloin or toss the strips in a hot skillet for a few minutes.
  • Prep Time:
  • Cook Time:
  • Servings: 8


  • (1 - 1.5 lb) Brisket or Chuck Roast
  • (4 pounds) Eden Pure Soup Bones (Knuckle, marrow, or a mix!)
  • (to taste) Kosher Salt and Freshly Ground Black Pepper
  • (I large piece, halved lengthwise) Ginger
  • (1 Tablespoon) Whole Black Peppercorns
  • (4) Cinnamon Sticks
  • (4) Star Anise Pods
  • (2 medium onions, halved lengthwise) Yellow Onions
  • (5, unpeeled) Garlic Cloves
  • (1/2 cup (more if desired)) Fish Sauce
  • (1 Tablespoon) Sugar
  • (12 - 16 oz) Sirloin Steak


You can prepare the Pho the day before  and warm the bone broth and brisket  (or chuck) before serving.  When you are ready to serve, have these fresh toppings on hand for each dinner guest to add to their bowl  Feel free to make this a "fusion" dish by adding or substituting fresh, local veggies and herbs to your taste!

Fresh Toppings:

2 - 3 cups of fresh mung beans

1 small red onion, thinly sliced

2 jalapenos, thinly sliced (remove seeds and pith if you need to tamp down the heat)

Sprigs of fresh Thai Basil

1 lime, cut into wedges

Hoisin sauce



1 - Add Eden Pure Beef Bones to  a 6 quart instant pot and place brisket (or chuck) on top of the bones.  Stir 1 Tablespoon of salt into 10 cups of water and pour over the meat.  Set Instant Pot to high saute, cover with lid and cook 30 minutes

2 - transfer brisket (chuck) to a plate and pour the remaining contents into a colander to drain. Rinse the bones with water to remove any scum and set aside

3 - Dry pot and return to Instant Pot cooker.  Turn on high saute and allow to heat for 5 minutes

4 - Add ginger, cut side down, then add pepercorns, cinnamon sticks and nstar anise around it.  Cook f or 5 minutes without moving.  Remove contents to a bowl and set aside

5 - Add yellow onions, cut side down nand surround with garlic clloves.  Cook 10 minutes without moving.

6 - Turn off the pot.  Return the bones, ginger, and other spices to the pot.  Sprinkle salt liberaly over the brisket (chuck) and set on top of the bones and vegetables.  Pour in 8 cups of water.

7 -  Lock the lid and set to high pressure cooking (steam button).  Set for 90 minutes.  

8 - when the pressure cooking cycle is complete, allow to release naturally for 20 minutes (do NOT touch that valve!)  Place the sirloin in the freezer while the pot is releasing pressure.  Partially freezing will make it easier to slice.  You can add the sirloin to your bowl and let the hot broth cook it to a gentle, barely rare in step 12 or you can sear it before slicing for rare to medium rare strips or after slicing for more well-done strips.  Either way, it's tasty!

9 - After 20 minutes, release remaining pressure and remove lid.  Transfer brisket (chuck) to a cutting board and allow to cool.  Set a colander over a stock pot and carefully pour the remaining contents of the stock pot through it.  Use a wooden spoon to press the veggies to release more flavor into the bone broth.  Discard spent veggies and bones.

10 - Rinse the pot if needed and return the bone broth to it.  Add enough water to fill the pot half way.  Stir in fish sauce and sugar.  Turn to high saute and bring mixture to a boil. Taste and add more fish sauce if desired.

11 - slice brisket(chuck) against the grain.  Remove sirloin from freezer and slice thinly against the grain.  

12 - place a small pile of warm rice noodles in each bowl and sprinkle liiberally with freshly ground black pepper.  Add 2-3 oz of brisket (chuck) and top with slices of sirloin. Pour 2 -3 cups of hot bone broth over the contents of each bowl.

13 - allow each diner to top their bowl as desired with the fresh toppings