100% Lifetine Grass Fed Beef
Set your holiday table with an Eden Pure Beef roast this year!

An awesome assembly of your favorite cuts of meat!

We have a limited selection of Holiday Boxes featuring roasts destined to be the centerpiece of your most special gatherings of the year! We have two Holiday Brisket Baskets, one Supreme Sirloin Basket, both featuring roasts in excess of 5 lbs. We also have boxes with smaller, upscale roasts that we usually offer as premium steaks: the New York Strip and the Ribeye. Each of these special roasts weigh between 2.5 and 3 pounds. Our regular boxed assortments take you from slow-cooker Sunday dinner to 30-minute skillet suppers with ease, and we even throw in a couple of steaks for the evening the kids are at Grandma's and it's just the two of you. You can look at is an assortment of your favorite cuts of meat. Or you can see it as a metaphor for life expressed in your family meals. You could also skip the kitschy metaphors and just dig in!

A Holiday Brisket Bundle

Starts with 8 lbs of beautiful Brisket and just gets better!
Sale $20.00 savings

A Ribeye Roast and Steak Bundle

An elegant, boneless ribeye roast for a small feast, a pair or ribeye steaks, and upscale Ribeye Cubed Steak to make it a very ribeye Christmas!
SALE $26.00 savings

Best Big Box of Beef

Ribeye Steaks, Family Roasts, Cubed Steak, Stew Meat & Soup Bones
Sale $20.00 savings

Big Box 20! Just over twenty pounds of family favorites!

Farmer's Choice Large Roast, Two New York Strips, and a handful of your favorite "quick and easy" meal starters
Sale $31.00 savings
Sale $14.90 savings

London Broiler Baby!

Two Petite London Broil Roasts plus a pair of New York Strip Steaks along with a few of your other comfort food faves
Sale $7.00 savings

Standard Quarter

85 pounds of Eden Pure Beef to fill your freezer!

The Big Tipper! (Box featuring Sirloin Steaks and Sirloin Tip Roast!)

20 pounds of your favorite Eden Pure Beef, featuring Sirloin roast and sirloin steak!
Sale $20.00 savings