Set your holiday table with an Eden Pure Beef roast this year!
5-Pound Ground Beef  Bundle

5-Pound Ground Beef Bundle

5 pounds of Eden Pure Premium Ground in 5-lb packages
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Our ground beef is around 3% fat and is dry aged along with the steaks so it is also low in moisture.  What does this mean for you?  NO loss in volume when you cook it!   Ground beef is often "hot ground" with ice added (up to 20% of the volume!) to chill it quickly.  This may get it to market more quickly, but it also adds water weight to your  beef, which diisappears in a cloud of steam while you cook. We don't add water and we don't add fat.  We figure you can add as much of those as you like.  All we supply you is the best ground beef you have ever tasted!

For best burgers, we recommend pan frying on cast iron with avocado oil.  If you really love cooking your burgers on a grill, try mixing in a little added fat or shredded onion (about 1/4 cup per pound of beef) along with your regular burger seasonings to retain moisture.