DEPOSIT on a whole beef

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This is a DEPOSIT on a half beef.

Ordering whole and half beeves is a little different than ordering just your favorite cuts. When you order a whole or half beef and we have received your deposit, we select your animal and schedule a date with our processor. From the date of harvest it takes approximately four weeks to get your packaged beef ready for pickup or delivery as we dry age our beef for improved texture and flavor.

The price per pound of hanging weight for large shares are:

             Whole Beef - $6.25/lb    (Deposit $1000)

        Half Beef - $6.50/lb                (Deposit $500)

            Quarter Beef - $6.75/lb           (Deposit $300)

The final price per pound of packaged beef will come out to approximately $10 - $12/ lb.  This will include your soup bones.  This does not include your organs. If you would like your organ meats, we will add them in at $8/lb.  We MUST know you want your organs before your animal goes to the processor.

The weight of your beef is determined by the hanging weight: the weight of the animal after it has been harvested, but before it has been aged, cut, and packaged.

Each beef dresses out a little differently, so it is only possible to estimate the hanging weight from the live weight. However, a good rule of thumb is that hanging weight will be approximately 60% of live weight. The packaged weight of the aged, cut, and trimmed meat will be about 60-65% of the hanging weight.

So, if your live animal weighed 1200 lbs, your hanging weight would be approximately 720 pounds for the whole beef (360 for a half). After ageing, cutting, and trimming, you can expect about 450 pounds of packaged beef from a whole (225 pounds of beef from a half).

It is important to remember that these numbers are estimates only and that the body composition of each animal is unique, so there will be some variance.  The breakdown in packaged meat will include approximately 20% steaks, 30 – 35% roasts and miscellaneous cuts like stew meat and cubed steak, and 45 -50% ground beef.  You will also receive the bones for your animal or portion thereof.