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New York Strip, Thin Cut

New York Strip, Thin Cut

Package of two New York Strip steaks, Thin Cut (.75 inch)
$24.99/lb. Avg. 15.8 oz.
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Two New York Strip steaks, approximately 8 oz each.  Just right for a dinner for two!

Let these tender steaks thaw completely to room temperature before searing on a hot cast iron skillet with a little avocado oil.  Sear over high heat to caramelize the outside, then baste with butter and herbs and cover the skillet to let the meat finish cooking from the residual heat in the pan.  If you like it rare, you will want to plate it and cover it while the meat rests for a few minutes before serving.  Keep it under cover in the cast iron for another 2 minutes if you like it medium rare to medium, and two more beyond that for medium to well done.  Use the "hand test" rather than puncturing the steak with a thermometer to check for done-ness!