100% Lifetine Grass Fed Beef
Set your holiday table with an Eden Pure Beef roast this year!
Best Big Box of Beef

Best Big Box of Beef

Ribeye Steaks, Family Roasts, Cubed Steak, Stew Meat & Soup Bones
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5 pounds of chuck roasts for crock pot and instant pot dinners you will love coming home to. ($65)

2 Ribeye steaks, @ 1 lb each ($55)

2 pounds of cubed steaks ($24)

2 pounds of Stew Beef ($24)

2 lbs of soup bones for making home made bone broth to use as a base for soups and stews, add for flavor and a boost of protein in your rice and vegetables, or as an alternative hot mug instead of coffee on cold mornings! ($12)

Add our Eden Pure Ground Beef Bundle - 10 pounds of Eden Pure Premium Ground beef for only $85 (that's 50 cents/ lb above wholesale!)

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