No Pharma

We do not believe in medicating animals who are well. We administer no vaccines, antibiotics, or routine wormers to our Eden Pure cattle. This does not mean that we don't treat animals who need medical care. We treat animals who need it, but they are then removed from our herd. Only the healthiest animals remain in our herd to perpetuate hardiness and disease resistance in future generations.

Merlot Steak

Single Merlot Steak
Avg. 1.5lb .

New York Strip Steak

Grass-fed New York Strip, single steak, average 12 oz
Avg. 12 oz.

Premium Ground Beef

1 pound of lean, 100% lifetime grass-fed and grass-finished beef
Avg. 1lb .

Ranch Steak

A generous portion of shoulder steak, serving up rich beefy flavor!
Avg. 1.35lb .